The Maternity Department Welcomes All New Mothers 

WGH Has You Covered from Classes to Infant Care

You just found out you are pregnant and so excited to be having a baby! Warren General Hospital maternity staff knows this fantastic feeling as they assist mothers in delivering their little package of joy each and every day.

We have you covered with a full range of maternity services at your fingertips. We have experienced physicians, nurses and staff available on a 24/7 to make your birthing experience all that it should be!

It Starts With the Classes

Warren General Hospital offers childbirth education classes that focus on the following:

  • The admission process into the hospital
  • What to expect and the various stages of labor and delivery
  • Relaxation techniques that make a difference
  • Pain relief options and
  • Postpartum and infant care

These classes are taught by registered nurses that are certified, childbirth educators and a lactation consultant.

The next set of classes are scheduled for

Mondays June 10,17,24; 6-8:30pm

If you would like to learn more about our classes, obtain a schedule or register for a program, please call 814.723.3300 x1681 Monday through Friday 9 am to 5 PM.

It Ends In the Spacious Suites

The maternity unit at Warren General Hospital has Labor, Delivery, Recovery and Postpartum (LDRP) suites, which are unique to the hospitals in the area. These private suites:

  •  Are spacious and comfortable with plenty of room for family members to stay during the birthing and recovery process
  • Allow for the labor, delivery, and recovery to occur all in the same space
  • Provide “Rooming in” as the standard of care, allowing the baby to stay with you in the suite for the duration of your stay.
  • Offer private bathrooms, rocking chairs and a television
  • Grant 24/7 room service to you and your family 


The Staff Completes the Experience

Our experienced team of providers will be with you throughout the birth. They will educate you and your family on the best course of pain management. 24/7 anesthesia service is available to ensure minimal discomfort during childbirth.

A nurse dedicated to the care of you and your baby will answer your questions and offer advice on everything from breast-feeding to postpartum concerns to the daily care of your newborn.

The Nursery Is Open

A well-staffed, well-equipped infant nursery is available to take care of infants with special needs or to allow for the recovery needs of the mom. Wireless infant monitoring devices are in place to ensure your child’s safety and security.

Schedule a Personalized Tour Today

Whatever maternity services you may be seeking, Warren General Hospital can help. Schedule your tour today with one of our educated and experienced staff members by asking for the maternity department Monday through Friday 9 am to 5 PM.




Donnie and Tonya Rosie Testimonial | WGH

“We had all four of our children at Warren General Hospital. We had a good experience and we have recommended the hospital to our friends who are expecting children. It was a great  environment and we had a good relationship with the staff. We didn’t feel like a number and they seemed happy to help and made us feel a part of the decision process in a relaxed setting.”   ~ Donnie & Tonya Rosie

Donnie and Tonya have three sons and one daughter; George, born in December 2010, Cole, born in November of 2012, Grant, born in February of 2014, and Karis their daughter, born in August of 2016.