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Health Services Throughout the Hospital


To promote the health services desirable for the people we serve in collaboration with private practitioners and supportive not-for-profit health organizations and regional medical centers.


We seek to have the most professional competence, the best patient outcomes, lowest cost of care, easiest patient access, highest patient satisfaction, and strongest community support, over time, in the greater Warren area.


To serve the Warren General Healthcare Network and its patients. To assist the hospital in promoting the health and welfare of the Warren community.

The Auxiliary maintains a close working relationship with the Volunteer Services Department, as many Auxilians are volunteers.

Projects in which Auxilians participate include:

  • General Fund Raising Including:
    • Book, Jewelery, Scrubs and Handbag Sales
    • Lifeline Angel Trees
    • Annual Basket Sale and
    • Spring Gala
  • Health Care Scholarships Fundraising
  • Community Relations
  • Home Alert
  • Hospital Holiday Decorations
  • Manning of the Window Box Gift Shop and
  • In-Hospital Volunteer Services

Volunteer Services

This program was established to accomplish a fourfold purpose:

  • Provide desirable services that supplement the essential services of the hospital’s staff as they provide comprehensive health care to the community.
  • Help create and promote in the community an understanding of the hospital and its services through the volunteers who becomes a part of the hospital.
  • Enable persons to observe healthcare professionals and to consider firsthand, a variety of careers in this field.
  • Provide an opportunity for persons to gain a sense of usefulness, companionship, and self-satisfaction by helping Warren General Hospital staff and other volunteers.

We Need You

For more information on the Auxiliary program or to become a volunteer, please contact our Auxiliary Department at (814) 723-4973 ext. 1835.