The Community Health needs Assessment (CHNA) is a written report that summarizes the needs of WGH service area and how we as a hospital intend to meet those needs. CHNA is mandated by the Patient Protection Act of 2010 and requires all non-profit hospitals to complete the assessment.

Requirements that must be included in the report:

1) Demographic information about our community.
2) A description of the process and methods used to obtain the demographic data including sources and dates of the data.
3) A description of how we obtain the data for the project (surveys, interviews, internet, etc) and who or where it came from.
4) A prioritized description of the community needs as well as a report describing how and why we prioritized them in the manner which was used.
5) A description of the hospital or other resources that will be used to meet the needs of the community.


In order to assess the community, demographic information about the community was obtained. This included age, gender, race, income, employment, and education. Secondary data was also obtained to identify other issues within the community such as illnesses (diabetes, cancer, etc), obesity, teen pregnancy, mental illness, mortality rate, auto accidents, and addictions. At least two top concerns are recommended to focus on to adequately fulfill the CHNA requirement. Warren General Hospital identified four top concerns of the community. These concerns were identified utilizing the secondary data, a focus group, as well as a physician survey.

WGH then developed a strategic plan to address each concern. The program developed will be implemented in the fiscal year 2019 as a way to improve the overall health of Warren County. The report is for the time period of July 1, 2018, to June 30, 2018. This report is then generated every three years thereafter. 

Click the links below to download a copy of the full report and the 2019 CHNA Implementation Plan.   

CHNA Report

2019 CHNA Implementation Plan