You Don't Need to Travel to Get the Best Medical Care

A torn ACL during a basketball game. A concussion as a result of an accident. Speech therapy after a stroke. Injury and issues arise from everyday activities. Driving long distances to see specialists or find good care adds to the stress and can even worsen symptoms. But it's not like you dictate where the hospitals are located, so what do you do?

exceptional care, exceptionally close

Fortunately, Warren General Hospital and local hospitals like it remove this added concern. There is no need to travel to a major medical center when you can get “exceptional care, exceptionally close” at a local facility. Our capabilities and specialties rival big-name hospitals and our doctor to patient ratio is much lower.

In fact, according to U.S. News & World Report, a local hospital may prove to be a better option.
How so?

Patient-Centered Care

To the local hospital, you are more than a patient number. You are a person, a member of the community. Smaller facilities create an atmosphere of home with familiar faces. Plus, the professionals working in them know the community lifestyle. Therefore, treatment recommendations better fit the way you live.

Furthermore, receiving services locally allows family and friends to visit and participate in your care and recovery more easily. Keeping your support system on hand in this way is good for your emotional state, physical healing, and overall well-being. 

Efficient and Integrated Treatment

A smaller network of doctors and other care providers offers easy collaboration and coordination of services. In fact, your doctor may provide your hospital care. Wait times for test results and treatment plans are decreased. Standardized care practices just run more efficiently.

Local hospital specialties offer effective treatment, particularly with common procedures. For instance, hip and knee replacements are appropriate surgeries for hospitals which specialize in orthopedics, like Warren General Hospital.

Time Savings

The obvious savings in time is the difference of a local 10 to 20-minute drive versus an hour or longer. Eliminating this travel gets you back home to your family and routine quicker. This time factor especially comes into play for ongoing therapies and treatments. 

Cost Savings

Travel expenses (gas, food and lodging) are not the only cost considerations of trekking to a major medical center for your health needs. These larger facilities tend to be more expensive than the care you receive near to home. Combine the two, and a trip to the local hospital adds up to significant dollar savings.

Rest assured. Doctors know when to refer patients to larger facilities for more complicated procedures or those simply outside their expertise. In the meantime, you can take advantage of the benefits of receiving care through your local hospital.

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