Patient Responsibilities

Creating a Safe, Pleasant Environment

We expect that you, your family, or caregiver will:

  • Provide accurate information about past illnesses, hospitalization, medication, advance healthcare directives, and other matters relating to your health history so we may effectively treat your illness.
  • Tell us when your name, address, telephone number, or insurance information changes during your hospitalization or soon after you received services from our hospital.
  • Cooperate with all hospital personnel and ask questions if you do not understand the instructions we give you or the procedures we describe.
  • Tell us which family members or caregivers our healthcare team are authorized to discuss your medical care in the event you are unable to properly communicate with your healthcare team.
  • Tell our healthcare team when you are in pain.
  • Only take medications that have been prescribed by your physician and administered by our healthcare team. If you take unauthorized medications, you may complicate your health or negatively affect your healing process.

Bill Payment and Financial Assistance

Patients have a responsibility to pay for all services received, whether through your insurance policy or through your own financial resources.

If you think you may need financial assistance with your bill, please contact our financial counselor at (814) 723-4973 extension 1325.