Pastoral Care                                                                                                                      

Local clergy avalible for your spiritual care.

Your spiritual and emotional well-being is an important part of your overall health. Many studies have confirmed the positive effects spiritual care has on physical healing.  For comfort and prayer he is always glad to contact any particular spiritual support person the patient requests.  A beautiful chapel near WGH Cridical Care unit on the second floor is always available for families, conversation or private prayer and meditation. Warren General Hospital is pleased to make available local clergy to provide guidance, counsel and emotional support to you and your family.

Your individual clergy are also encouraged to visit. If this is an urgent request, please ask your nurse to contact the clergy immediately.

"Our professional nurses recognize that patient care goes beyond medicine and welcomed the role of our chaplain in providing for the patient's emotional and spiritual needs.  This compassion and understanding is shared with family members and staff alike."
WGH Hospital Nurse
"We as physicians recognize the many therapies applicable to the patient.  The spiritual component is certainly pertinent and our local clergy provides all of this smoothly and efficiently.  We all benefit from this team membership and always welcome it."
WGH Staff Physician













Warren General Hospital Chapel - 2nd Floor