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Due to unprecedented COVID-related supply chain disruptions in China, all hospitals in the United States are experiencing a shortage of contrast media (sometimes referred to as X-ray dye) used to perform CAT or CT scans. As at all U.S. hospitals, WGH’s ability to perform these scans in all but the most critical cases will be limited until these supply chain issues are corrected.


If your doctor ordered a CT exam with IV contrast for you, you may receive a CT exam without IV contrast instead. Some routine CT exams with IV contrast may experience a delay in scheduling.


Alternatives to CT exams with contrast include: CT scans without contrast or other exam types such as ultrasound, MRI (magnetic resonance imaging), and nuclear medicine imaging.  Talk to your doctor about which might be appropriate for you. 


Thank you for your understanding. WGH is committed to providing you with excellent imaging care.

Frequently Asked Questions


·         Q. What is contrast? 
A. Contrast is given to patients before some radiology imaging exams to highlight features in the image and to help radiologists diagnose medical conditions.

·         Q. When do you expect the shortage to end?
A. The manufacturer expects to have an increased supply of contrast by July 2022.


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