The Being Exceptional Every day (Bee) Award

Thank a WGH or WMG Employee


The BEE Award honors employees for Being Exceptional Every day.  The BEE Award was created to compliment the DAISY Award, which recognizes nurses.  Just like in nature, bees are loyal, hardworking and cannot exist without the daisy, as neither can the daisy exist without the bee. 


Recognizing employees who demonstrate commitment to our Core values here at Warren General Hospital is important to us.


Please share your story of how our employees have made a difference to your experience.  Please include how they have demonstrated our Core Values.




Our Core Values:


  • Collaborative: We are one engaged team.
  • Compassionate: We act with empathy and kindness.
  • Accountable: We take responsibility for our actions.
  • Respect: We are considerate and value each other.


To Nominate an Employee:


Anyone may thank a deserving hospital employee by filling out this form or use our paper nomination form. Paper forms and boxes are located in several places across our campus. Electronic submissions are available to fill out below or the WGH Intranet.


Note: Nurses (RN), Certified Nurse Practitioners (CRNP) and Certified Nurse Anesthesia (CRNA) can be recognized through the DAISY Award Program.

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