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Who We Are

When you or a loved one is diagnosed with cancer, there are many important decisions to make. The first is choosing your team. The physicians and staff at the Cancer Care Center at Warren General Hospital are here to join your team and help you win your battle against cancer every step of the way.

The Cancer Care Center at Warren General Hospital is a state-of-the-art facility which features an exceptionally, gifted team of board certified physicians and nurses trained with leading edge technology and the most promising treatment options. For more than 20 years, Warren General Hospital has presented hope for thousands of cancer patients and their families.

This website will help you learn more about being diagnosed with cancer and treatments we offer. You can also learn more about our physicians and why they chose Warren General over any hospital in the country. If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment, please call the Cancer Care Center at (814) 726-1786.

In sports, if you build a fabulous ballpark, top players want to join your team. At the Cancer Care Center at Warren General Hospital, two extraordinary oncologists joined us because of advanced treatment facilities and systems and the opportunity to offer patients personal care and compassion. Click to view the physician profiles of our two Oncology Doctors.

Click on the following links to learn more about our Cancer Care Services:

  • -Radiation Oncology
  • -Medical Oncology
  • -Hematology and Infusion Services


    The people at the Cancer Care Center make the difference. They are committed to YOU and not just treating your disease. The Center is staff with board certified Oncology Physicians and Nurses as well as registered Radiation Therapists-all certified specialists in treating cancer. This training and education will provide you with the support that you may need to effectively confront any challenges in your road to recovery.

    The Cancer Care Center Staff strives to help you maintain your quality of life. We offer the following services:

  • -Social Services
  • -Nutrition Consultations
  • -Education Center with Internet Access & Lending Library
  • -Transportation Assistance
  • -Monthly Support Groups
  • -Affiliation with the American Cancer Society
  • -Wig/Hat Exchange
  • -Professional Prosthesis Fitting

  • Radiation Oncology

    Offering the latest technology in cancer treatment, the department of Radiation Oncology at Warren General Hospital’s Cancer Care Center works to heal patients suffering from this disease. A cancer patient who is referred to Radiation Oncology will typically visit the center three times prior to beginning his or her radiation treatment.

    During the individual’s first visit, he or she will meet with the center’s Radiation Oncologist. This meeting will provide the doctor with the preliminary information he needs to begin treatment. For the patient’s next appointment, a CT Scan will be performed. The information from this procedure will then be sent to the center’s Eclipse Treatment Planning Station, where a dosimetrist will perform a three-dimensional, virtual simulation of the patient’s treatment. With this simulation, the dosimetrist will be able to determine the medical dosage and procedures needed to treat the patient. Following this stage, the patient will return to the Cancer Care Center and take part in simulation verification. This helps to confirm that the treatment plan calculated by the dosimetrist fits the patient. After undergoing these three appointments, a patient is ready to receive treatment.

    While undergoing treatment, the patient will report to the Cancer Care Center five days a week and receive a 15 to 20 minute radiation sessions. This routine will continue for 6 to 8 weeks, depending on the individual needs of the patient. During each session, the patient will register at the center’s front desk and then enter the dressing room. After being properly attired, the individual will then lay down on a mechanical bed called the patient support assembly. As he or she lies down, the patient will be placed under a linear accelerator that will apply an x-ray beam to the patient. To ensure proper treatment for each individual case, the accelerator features three different lasers and a total of six different energy levels. Also, the equipment operates under a “record and verify” system. This safeguard guarantees that if the accelerator is set at an unplanned level, the machine will not work. Additionally, the department’s staff utilizes the assistance of lead leaves and other shielding devices to ensure the safety of its patients as they undergo treatment. This preventive equipment is fabricated on site, in the center’s device lab.

    For men diagnosed with prostate cancer, Radiation Oncology offers Brachytherapy. This treatment is a minimally invasive procedure that implants small radioactive seeds that are about the size of a grain of rice into the prostate. Once implanted, these seeds irradiate the cancer from inside the gland, emitting localized radiation for a number of months. The seeds are so small that they cause no discomfort and are left in place following implementation. Brachytherapy is an option for patients with organ-confined prostate cancer. The treatment is a relatively short procedure, usually lasting 1-2 hours. Recovery typically requires only a day or less, and most men return to their normal activities within a few days.

    To provide its patients with quality treatment, the Radiation Oncology department employs a well-qualified staff with a full-time Registered Nurse, three radiation therapists, a technical aide, a dosimetrist, and a board-certified medical physicist.

    In addition to the services it provides at the cancer center, the Radiation Oncology department is also active in the community. Every year the Cancer Care Center in conjunction with the American Cancer Society hosts the “Celebration of Life” Event. The event provides past and present-cancer patients, and their families, with an opportunity to relax and enjoy a beautiful autumn day in Warren County together.

    To schedule an appointment with the Radiation Oncology department at WGH’s Cancer Care Center, please call (814) 723-7906. Appointments are available Monday-Friday from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm.

    Medical Oncology

    The department of Medical Oncology at Warren General Hospital’s Cancer Care Center provides local residents with a professional yet friendly atmosphere in which to receive the latest in cancer therapy. Medical Oncology offers its patients a wide variety of treatments, including:

    • -Chemotherapy
    • -Hematology
    • -Infusion Therapy

    Chemotherapy provides cancer patients with the chemical medication they need to combat their ailment. Through hematology services, patients can receive blood transfusions and enhancements. Infusion Therapy offers patients the opportunity to receive medications, such as antibiotics. Each of these three treatments is administered at the clinic’s Infusion Center. This center features a number of comfortable pods in which patients can sit back and recline while receiving their intravenous medications. Patients even have the opportunity to watch television while undergoing treatment.

    In addition to its curative treatments, the Cancer Care Center offers its patients a wide variety of non-medical related services, including:

    • -Social Services
    • -Nutrition Consultations
    • -Education Center
    • -Transportation Assistance
    • -Contact with the American Cancer Society
    • -Wig/Hat Exchange
    • -Professional Prothesis Fitting

    To provide its patients with quality treatment, the Medical Oncology department employs a well-qualified staff. The department is made up of Dr. Jennifer A. Orzano-Birgani and Dr. Anne L. Rassiga. All of these physicians have been specially trained in the fields of Medical Oncology and Hematology and are board certified. This staff features certified Oncology nurses, social service workers, ward clerks, medical therapists, and a board-certified medical physicist.

    Outside of its normal services, the department of Medical Oncology sponsors a number of Community Cancer Screenings. These events provide local residents with an opportunity to receive free testing for a variety of cancer-related illnesses. For information concerning upcoming cancer screenings, make sure to check the web site or call the Cancer Care Center.

    To schedule an appointment with the Medical Oncology department at WGH’s Cancer Care Center, please call (814) 723-7906. Appointments are available Monday thru Friday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

    Hematology and Infusion Services

    The professional skills and compassionate care of the physicians and staff at the Cancer Care Center make it an ideal location to receive treatment for a multitude of conditions unrelated to cancer.

    Hematology Services:

    The physicians perform full evaluations and diagnostic testing for individuals with a variety of hematology problems including:

    • -Anemia
    • -Low or high white blood cell counts
    • -Platelet problems
    • -Immunologic problems
    • -Conditions leading to bleeding or blood clotting.

    Such conditions can often be treated with oral medications, specialized shots or other appropriate treatment. Improvement of anemia in patients with cardiac or pulmonary problems can add substantially to the individual's quality of life.

    Infusion Services include:

    • -Blood or blood component therapy
    • -Iron infusion for Iron Deficiency Anemia
    • -IV antibiotics
    • -Steroid infusions for patients with Multiple Sclerosis
    • -Hydration and/or electrolyte replacement for dehydrated patients
    • -Specialized treatments for Crohn’s disease and Rheumatoid Arthritis
    • -Gammaglobulin for immune deficiencies or other conditions

    The Cancer Center physicians are available during infusions to evaluate any unexpected problems adding to the safety of the care provided. The comfortable infusion chairs, with personal televisions, and the views through the windows to the Healing Garden located behind the center, make it a convenient, easily accessible location to receive infusion therapy.

    If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment, please call the Cancer Care Center at (814) 726-1786.